Wine Review: A to Z 2014 Oregon Rosé

My introduction to rosé wine came through a sweet rosé, and it took me a little while to come to appreciate dry and off-dry rosé wines. A to Z offers up a dry rosé that’s delightfully tart and citrusy.

A to Z 2014 rose

A light and crisp rosé with hints of cirtus and strawberry.

It pairs well with creamy cheeses and sauces, basically anything where you want something crisp and acidic to cleanse the palate. I had it with both a sage cheddar (yum!) and also seafood chili. It did a great job of clearing away the residue spiciness of the chili, which ended up being perfect for me, because as tasty as the chili was, it was right on the cusp of being too spicy for me. The wine kept the heat from building up to too hot levels.

The wine also has noted of strawberry and plum. It has a bit of a lingering finish, but it’s not heavy-handed. I found this rosé to be the kind where each sip invites you to take the next. I’d buy it again, especially given its price (about $12), and I’ll go on to try other A to Z wines a try (perhaps in April for Camp NaNo 😉 ).

As for how helpful it is in getting all those A to Z words down for NaNo…well, I have had a productive week. Taking some time off work has done wonders for my word count. So has the reward of a nice, chilled glass of this rosé when I make my daily goal. Cheers and happy writing!