Upcoming November Wine Reviews

 Hello! I know it’s been months and months, but I am (somewhat) back to blogging about wine.

November is National Novel Writing Month, or my absolute favorite month of the year, because I always have a blast, even when I socialize a bit too much and have to go recharge my batteries.

So in honor of NaNoWriMo, I’m going to be posting a wine review each Friday, and each selection follows a writerly theme:

4 wines in honor of National Novel Writing Month

First up will be A to Z’s 2014 rosé, because the point of NaNoWriMo is to get those first draft words down (from A to Z)! (Yes, I know, I’m only funny in my head.)

The second week will feature Black Ink, a 2013 red wine blend, because sometimes, switching things up and writing longhand helps the words flow.

In the third week, I’ll visit Subplot No. 29, another red wine blend. This is the week where I’m usually in the thwarty middle of my story and struggling to think of interesting challenges to move my characters forward, so thinking about subplots (and resolving them) seems like a wise move. Now I’ll have a wine for it. 😉

And finally, I’ll end with an ice wine, Beyond the Arc, because we’ll be at the end of the mad rush to 50K and deserve a sweet treat to carry us into December and (yay!) revision mode.

So good luck to my fellow NaNoers. I’m kbrown on the NaNo site if you want a wine geek buddy/cheerleader. 


So a mushroom walks into a bar…

We’ve had a mild winter (sorry, Northeast folks), and it’s already starting to take a springish turn here. The frogs are out and singing, and today, when I was out walking with my dad, I spotted my first mushrooms of spring. Naturally, I had to stop and take a photo.

mushrooms around branch

I think this is turkey tail. It’s very pretty, and almost hypnotic the way is swirls around the branch.

Or two.

mushrooms at base of tree

These lovelies were nestled at the base of a cedar tree.

Okay, much more than two. Fungus is very photogenic. (Or maybe I’m just my mother’s daughter.)

mushrooms on log

More (possible) turkey tails. As much as I like mushrooms, I’m not up on all the varieties.

I’m a moss girl, so it’s fitting that towards the end of our walk, I saw this beauty:

mossy fungus

Moss, stums, and mushrooms. Three of my favorite things!

February is normally one of my toughest months. By the time it comes around, I’m done with the gray and the rain and the dark, but as I mentioned, we’ve had a mild winter. Our fall wasn’t too bad, either. So far, this February has been, dare I say it, pleasant.

But I’m still excited for spring.