An introduction:

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Good books, good wine, and good food. It’s all I need for a cozy home.

My name is Kate. I’m a reader, writer, and wine lover, and I like to talk about good books, good wine, and the (sometimes) good food I have with the wine. I like to talk about these things a lot.

Occasionally, I remember there’s life beyond good books, good wine, and good food and branch out to talk about other things, like my home (Western Washington in all its rainy, mossy glory), my attempts at gardening (2015 will be the year I finally try my hand at growing vegetables!), and the other media I consume (mainly movies and TV with a sprinkling of anime, manga, and comics).

What you’ll find here:

For the most part, you’ll find wine reviews and tasting notes, book reviews, recipes, and discussions about menu planning, cooking, baking, and cheese making. (Cheese making is my new dangerous hobby.)

(You’ll also find shameless abuse of parentheses. I can’t help myself.)

My taste in wine leans heavily towards reds, though my most frequent wine tasting buddy is corrupting me expanding my appreciation for whites. I’m also heavily biased towards Washington wines. It’s not all I drink, but I do have a soft spot for discovering new-to-me local wineries. That being said, there are times when I (purposely) find myself in the position of getting a 10% discount on my wine purchase if I get one more bottle, and, well, that’s just the perfect excuse to try something new and potentially exciting.

My taste in books tends to historical romance, fantasy, and mystery. I’ve only recently started reading historical romance, so my take on the genre is that of a new reader still discovering her likes and dislikes. I’m a lifelong fantasy and mystery reader, so I can speak with more confidence about my tastes and why I like what I like.

A note on reviews:

Since I say I like to talk about good books and good wine, I’d like to take a moment to specify what I mean. The majority of my reviews are about things I enjoy, so they are, for the most part, positive. However, part of my purpose of writing a review (especially a review of a book, movie, TV show, or other media) is to explore not just what I liked, but also what I didn’t like.

I purchase almost all the wine I review. I say almost, because my friends and family are very nice to me and give me wine as gifts. Or share a bottle with me over a delicious meal. It’s wonderful. At any rate, all wine reviewed here is purchased. I do attend a mix of free and paid tastings, so my tasting notes reflect that.

At the moment, all of my book reviews are of books that I’ve purchased or checked out from the library. If I receive an advance or free copy in exchange for a review, I’ll specify that in the review. I don’t give star ratings on reviews posted here, but I do crosspost my reviews to BookLikes and give star ratings there. The majority of my ratings fall into the 3-4 star range. Here’s how I rate:

  • 1 star: For the most part, a DNF book. These are ones I tend to weed out by reading the first chapter. Occasionally, a book I think has a promising start goes somewhere I can’t handle. If I stick through to the end, I may give it 1-star. (At this time, I’m not reviewing books I don’t finish, so I don’t give many 1-star ratings.)
  • 2 stars: Books where I’m not the target audience but I found compelling enough to finish and also compelling enough to write a review.
  • 3 stars: A solid, enjoyable book. I may not want to re-read it, but I’m likely to check out some of the author’s other offerings.
  • 4 stars: One I definitely want to re-read and may even want on my keeper shelf. The author’s backlist gets bumped up on my TBR list, and I keep an eye out for new releases.
  • 5 stars: A keeper I want to read over and over. Also a book I’d recommend to anyone who showed the slightest interest in the genre. I don’t give many 5-stars. I’m more likely to go back and change a 4-star rating to a 5-star after a few re-reads.

I welcome discussion on my reviews. I truly do love taking about what worked and didn’t work for individual readers.

Now that you’ve made it this far:

Welcome! Poke around and enjoy!

a forest path

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