Wine Review: Black Ink 2013 Red Blend


Black Ink 2013 Red Wine

Rich and sweet, a glass of this is a delightful treat!

 Reason #2,114 why I love NaNoWriMo: it introduced me to this lovely wine. Since I was looking for wines with a writing theme, this bottle caught my attention in the grocery store. I forgot to save my receipt and don’t remember what it cost, but I do remember that it was enough that without the excuse of my wine review plans for NaNoWriMo, I wouldn’t have taken the gamble.

And that would have been my loss. This is a delicious, decadent wine. I’m a fan of bold, peppery reds, the kinds that are practically a meal on their own. This isn’t peppery, but it is bold with a well-earned swagger.

Right from the start, it’s a treat. It smells like the black cherries I buy at the Farmer’s Market. They start with a sweet, juicy burst but end on a bit of a tart note. That’s exactly what this wine delivers. Each sip starts with that sweet burst of black cherry and then ends with a hint of tartness. It’s a perfect balance. The tartness never overpowers the delicious sweet note, but it does keep it from turning too sweet. 

There are other summer fruits hiding in the taste — I singled out plum and a bit of blackberry —  which makes this a perfect winter wine. When Western Washington is at is dreariest, this is a wine I can turn to for a brief taste of summer. 

So this is a winner in my book! And I’m sure it will help me make my word count this week. After all, if I make my daily minimum, I can treat myself to a glass…

Happy writing, my fellow NaNoers!

5 thoughts on “Wine Review: Black Ink 2013 Red Blend

    • I don’t think it is. It’s not a dessert wine, so the “sweet” description is a bit deceptive. It’s not dessert-wine sweet. I’ll see about picking up another bottle an letting you taste it at Thanksgiving.

      (You’ll approve of the foil and the cork! Both have an octopus design!)

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