Wine Review: Fish Eye 2013 Merlot

One of the shows I’m enjoying this season is Fox’s Gotham, because I have a weakness for All Things Batman. And over the course of this season, I’ve developed a weakness for one of the main antagonists, Fish Mooney, played by Jada Pinkett Smith.

(I may also have a weakness for All Things Jada Pinkett Smith.)

(I definitely have a weakness for smart, scheming women looking to head up criminal empires. And when they look as fabulous as Fish Mooney and have sidekicks like Butch, hello special place in my heart.)

Without being too spoilery, I knew coming into this week’s episode that I might need some wine-infused courage.

(Yes, Fish, I feel the same way.)

Or maybe I just wanted an excuse to try a new-to-me wine. Either way, I was on the lookout at the grocery store this weekend, and Fish Eye’s 2012 Merlot all but jumped off the shelf at me. I mean, really. It was a sign from the DC-FOX gods, or something. (And also, the bottle was under $10. That’s two and a half mochas, which made it an even easier sell. But I digress.)

Fish Eye Merlot

I can see Fish Mooney giving folks the fish eye with a glass of this in hand.

Fish Eye wines come out of south eastern Australia. I haven’t had a lot of Australian wines (south eastern or otherwise), so I can’t say how this Merlot compares to others from the region. I can say that this one tastes young. It’s got an up front bite that’s harsh and a bit hard for me to get past. The tasting notes say ripe plum, currants, and a nose of smoky oak. I can definitely smell that. In fact, the wine smells delicious. So delicious, that I’d like to snag another bottle and stick it in the back of the pantry for another year or two to see if the taste mellows out a bit, because with a little less up front bite, this would most likely be one of those wines I’d regularly have on hand.

This is a wine you want to let breathe (and breathe), and one to have with food. I had it with some cream of mushroom soup while watching Gotham, and I think it would have gone better with something more substantial, like a nice roast beef or a thick slice of meatloaf, or even lasagna with lots and lots of garlicy red sauce. Basically, food with a lot of bite on its own, so the bite of the wine feels refreshing.

Fish Eye has a number of other wines, all at affordable prices, so I’ll be tasting my way through their offerings. I’m particularly interested in their Pinot Noir. Merlots will always have a special place in my heart because it’s the first varietal I realized I liked when I started tasting wines, but it’s not one of my current go-to favorites. That may have worked against this Fish Eye.

On the other hand, that harsh up front bite was a good pairing with the Gotham episode. 😉

(Oh, Fish Mooney! I do adore you!)

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One thought on “Wine Review: Fish Eye 2013 Merlot

  1. Drinking some 2014 in 2016, with food, and it’s just fine. I read some old complaints from people who fly a lot and drank it on a plane. Nothing tastes good to me on a plane, and sounded like they had too much time on their hands.

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