Wine Review: Sun Garden 2012 Riesling

I’ve come to learn that I approach wine buying much like I approach book buying. I have my favorite “genre” (reds) and “subgenres” (Sangiovese, Malbec, Pinot Noir…), and my tried and true “authors” (Airfield Estates, Brian Carter Cellars…), but sometimes I want something new. And a catchy cover bottle and the right price point will get my attention.

sun garden 2012 riesling

Sun Garden’s 2012 Riesling is a little like having a glass of early spring sunshine.

That’s how I came to try Sun Garden’s 2012 Riesling. It is a gorgeous bottle (I love turquoise), and while this winter hasn’t been as gray and dreary as past winters, I am starting to give the clouds the stinkeye. The sun on the label immediately perked me up, and the price was right. And I do like (the right) Rieslings.

This is an off-dry Riesling, and any off-dry white is a hard sell for me. I generally like my whites to commit to the sweet or dry end of the spectrum and tend to be underwhelmed by anything in between. Sun Garden’s 2012 Riesling, however, has enough fruitiness to hold my interest. It starts nice and tart and then opens up to a nice, crisp melony-peachy note.

I had it with my baked apples with honey walnut ricotta this past weekend, and it was a perfect compliment to the dessert. The apple really highlighted the tartness of the wine, and the wine, in turn, brought out the sweetness in the dessert. I also had it the next day with some cream of mushroom soup, and while it wasn’t quite as dazzling when paired with the soup, it was nice and light and a good counterweight to the heaviness of the cream.

I’ll likely pick it up again, especially when I want to offset a sweet dessert.


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