Like a Precious

Short post, because it’s Friday, which means it’s #WriteClub night on Twitter, and @FriNightWrites on Twitter does wonders for my mood and word count when I actually participate for more than two sprints.

But I can’t resist making a quick post. I like reading Chuck Wendig’s blog, Terrible Minds, even though I never comment. (I am a natural hermit.) He posted a flash fiction challenge today that’s an X meets Y mashup, which. Hello. Yes. I have a lot of fun imagining fandom mashups. So I had to pull up a random number generator to at least see what I could have fun imagining.

I got Lord of the Rings meets True Grit.

Wait, no, I didn’t type that right. PEOPLE! I GOT LORD OF THE RINGS MEETS TRUE GRIT!

The instructions are to smash them together and see what original story squishes out, and maybe I’ll get there, but right now, I’m in crossover fanfic mode and imagining Mattie Ross as a most peculiar hobbit, Rooster Cogburn as a crusty old dwarf, and LaBoeuf as an elf, and I don’t care that I haven’t gotten much further than that. Because I keep coming back to Mattie Ross as a steely-eyed hobbit on a mission, and I wants it. Like a precious.

So, hi. Happy Friday! May you find something that gives you a similar bolt of joy.


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