Wine Review: Airfield Estates 2013 Sangiovese

One of my friends introduced me to Airfield Estates. We were wine tasting up in Woodinville and were fresh off a tasting of some nice reds when she turned to me and said, “I’m going to make you try some whites. Let’s go to Airfield.”

Airfield Estate's 2013 Sangiovese

You say “Sangiovese”. I say “GIMME!”

I figured it was only fair since she’s more of a white wine fan. So we crossed the street and had a delightful tasting at Airfield. I’m more of a fan of red wines, but some of Airfield’s whites, especially their Riesling, rank up among my favorite wines. In fact, I joined their wine club on the strength of their whites.

But Airfield also makes some darn good reds. And at their winter release party this past December, I had the pleasure of tasting their 2013 Sangiovese.

I love Sangiovese. When I’m wine tasting, if someone is offering up a Sangiovese or mentions a red blend contains Sangiovese, I’m handing over my tickets or tokens and thrusting out my glass before they’ve finished saying, “Sangiovese.” (I’m classy like that.)

Airfield’s 2013 Sangiovese is a fun, flirty wine. It smells like sweet cherries and has a bit of a gingery bite beneath the cherry notes when you taste it. I had it tonight with a tenderloin steak and candy brussel sprouts with fig balsamic, and oh my. I pretty much had the perfect meal with the perfect wine to complement it.

a meal taunt

I didn’t believe my coworker when she said brussel sprouts roasted in fig balsamic come out like candy. I was wrong. So very wrong.

Unfortunately, I don’t know how often Airfield will offer up a Sangiovese. According to the winemaker’s notes on the bottle, Sangiovese is typically used as component in their blends, but “this vintage produced fruit of such high quality that it warranted being bottled as a stand-alone varietal.” I walked out of the release event with the three bottle maximum Airfield was imposing, and I’ll be honest, I don’t think I have the willpower to save them for extra special occasions.

This weekend isn’t a special occasion, and I popped open a bottle because I knew it would go well with my dinner. So I suppose I’ll just have to look forward to the next high quality crop that warrants being bottled as a stand-alone varietal. In the meantime, I’ll enjoy the bottles I have.


2 thoughts on “Wine Review: Airfield Estates 2013 Sangiovese

    • We do have to get back up to Woodinville. I’ll ask, and I’ll happily buy if they have some left, but I also won’t be surprised if they’re already out.

      The next time we venture up there, we’ll also have to go across the street to Brian Carter Cellars. I want you to try their port. I think you’ll like it.

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