It’s Blogging 101 catch-up day!

I’m playing catch-up with Blogging 101 assignments thanks to a busier than expected Monday and Tuesday. Yesterday’s Blogging 101 assignment was to follow five new topics and five new blogs.

Once upon a time, I was really into astronomy. Maybe I can be again. Icy Science caught my eye thanks to the gorgeous photographs accompanying the entries.

Book Reviews:
I’m (slowly) getting back into book reviewing after not for, uh, 15 years. I miss geeking out over books with people. I keep saying I’m primarily a fantasy reader, but if I consult my bookshelves (or Kindle app), I’m a really a genre reader who cut her teeth on fantasy and then discovered romance, romantic suspense, mysteries, space opera…

I’ve been eyeing the gorgeous, gorgeous cover of The Paper Magician by Charlie N. Holmberg for a bit now, so this post led me to an absolutely charming review blog (with a catchy name!): A Kernel of Nonsense.

Movie Reviews:
If I’m looking for book reviews, why not throw out movie reviews to the tag cloud gods? They rewarded me with a site I had to visit (and then had to follow, because books, dragons, and diet coke? HA!): Books, Movies, and Dietcoke.

I like to cook, but I don’t always make time to discover and try new recipes. That’s something I’m trying to change this year, because I’ve finally learned I have more fun in the kitchen when I’m mixing up my favorite old standbys with new and exciting things!

I found Mommy Gone Primal: Paleo Recipes & A Little Bit of Glam. I’m going to have to try the almond crusted chicken and the brussel sprout and kale salad. (I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m actually developing a taste for brussel sprouts. Brussel sprouts! My inner 12-year-old is making the Mr. Yuck face at me.)

Five (or maybe six?) years ago, a friend asked if I wanted to go to the Poverty Bay Wine Festival. I’d never been wine tasting before. Well, that changed after Poverty Bay. I live in Washington State and have a soft spot for local wines, so as I add more wine tasting notes, you’ll see reviews of more Washington wines. And maybe some reviews of wines I find through Weekly Wine Journal. :3

..And now I get to say a belated hello to my fellow Blogging 101 participants. I hope you’re having fun with the assignments!


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