Wine Review: Anakena 2012 Late Harvest Viognier

I’m mainly a fan of red wine, though I go to a number of wine tasting with a friend who’s a huge fan whites, specifically sweet whites, and over the years, we’ve slowly convinced each other to expand our palates. And now I do admit a certain fondness for sweet, fruity whites.

Anakena's 2012 Late Harvest Viognier

Look at that gorgeous golden color!

Anakena’s 2012 Late Harvest Viognier is sweet. It’s a Chilean wine, and I’ve had good luck with Chilean reds, so I picked it up on a whim for when I was in the mood for a sweet white. At $11.99, it’s on the cheaper end of the late harvest wines I like, and it’s one I’ll definitely get again for my own pleasure, but if I’m looking to give someone (like my friend who keeps corrupting expanding my palate, or, my mother, who also likes sweet whites), I’ll stick to my tried and true Airfield and Kestrel picks.

I really like the color and scent of this late harvest. It looks and smells sweet, but not cloyingly sweet. It doesn’t taste cloyingly sweet, either, but I don’t taste many fruity notes. Some are hiding there, but the sweetness overpowers them, and the wine ends on a crisp, almost harsh, note for me. I like wines that have a bit of a bite, so it’s a good ending note for me.

End result: I’d like to try it again, but I’ll wait and get it when I need one more bottle to get a bulk discount. I’ll also be on the lookout for other Anakena wines, especially their reds.


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