Wine Review: Piaggia’s 2009 Poggio de’Colli Cabernet Franc

Back in the summer of 2013, I met up with a friend for wine tasting at Capri Cellars. I forget what flight I had, but I do remember the wine flight my friend got, a Top Shelf flight that included a Tuscan red, Piaggia’s 2009 Poggio de Colli. My friend took one sip, handed the glass to me, and said, “Here. Taste the wine you’re buying.”

Poggio deColli

Why, yes, I would like some cheese with this gorgeous, tasty wine.

I did indeed walk out of the store with one bottle. At $50, it’s at the upper end of what I’m willing to spend on a special occasion wine, but it was too good to resist. I’m a fan of bold reds, and this one delivers. My New Year’s Eve tradition is to stay in and prepare a nice dinner, make a new-to-me dessert, and open a bottle of Very Special Occasion wine. This has been the wine for the past two years.

It’s a gorgeous deep red. To me, it smells sweet and fruity with a hint of chocolate. The product sheet offers these tasting notes:

Deep and intense ruby red colour with purplish highlights. Aromatic elegance in balsamic overtones and hints of mint, fruits of the forest and a slight smoke finish. Full-bodied and soft, well- balanced thanks to the fine tannins. The finish is long, meaty and chewy. It goes well with traditional Italian dishes, red meat and game.

I mainly taste blackberries and cherry with a bite at the end I’ve been at a loss to describe, but slight smoke finish works well. The wine does indeed go well with red meat. I paired it with lamb in 2013 and steak in 2014, and it also goes very well with a nice creamy cheese. (The one in the photo is Mt Tam a triple cream from Cowgirl Creamery. Closer to room temperature, it’s beautifully creamy and decadent, and with a glass of Poggio de’Colli, pretty much the perfect way to ring in the new year.)

So Happy New Year from my house to yours. May your 2015 be filled with good company, good food, and, of course, good wine.


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